About Termont & Thomaes

About Termont & Thomaes

Legumes, grains and seeds: Termont & Thomaes BV in Biervliet has over 100 years of experience with the purchase, sale, cleaning, processing, storage and transshipment of these agricultural products. The diversity of products with which we work is great. As is our knowledge.

From local to international

We work locally with farmers in Zeelandic Flanders and Flanders. We also count large, international companies among our clientele.

Years of knowledge and experience

We hold the leading position on the Dutch market as a recipient and processor of Dutch legumes, including kidney beans and field peas. Customers work with us because of our many years of knowledge and experience to optimally dry, clean, color, bag and store legumes. To this end, we continuously invest in innovative techniques. Our employees are the driving force behind our company. With their love for the profession and the products they work with, they ensure a fast, efficient and above all high-quality treatment of each product.

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