Tailor-made cleaning program

Termont & Thomaes BV invests a lot in the optimal processing of legumes. We have optimized the process of drying and cleaning. Of course we always deliver custom work. This means that we draw up a cleaning program based on the samples of the legumes brought in, the requirements set and the utilization goals. We always do this in close consultation. We regularly check whether the result meets the requirements. With our installations we can clean 15 to 30 tons of product per day. We are flexible regarding the desired delivery time. If necessary, we can switch quickly.

300,000 beans per minute

Each bean is checked for color via an electronic eye. Our electronic sorting machines are capable of checking 300,000 beans per minute. Naturally, a special sieving installation ensures that the beans are sorted by size. This allows us to achieve the highest product quality, with as little waste as possible.

Electronic sorting

In this manner we clean a variety of legumes such as flageolet beans, red kidney beans, pinto beans, pea beans, chickpeas, green peas, but also grains, seeds and rice. It is also possible to compose bean blends.



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