Grains and seeds

Optimal treatment of grains and seeds

We have various collection points in Zeelandic Flanders for the collection of locally grown wheat and barley, namely in Biervliet and Aardenburg. If a farmer is unable to bring his grains himself, we place containers on the land during the harvest.

Excellent conditioning

The incoming grains and seeds are dried, if necessary, according to a precise process. We transport grain that arrives in the summer as quickly as possible. Only a small part is stored. We have a storage capacity of 25,000 tons of grain.

Sales opportunities

We offer several options for cooperation:

  • Sale at daily price
  • Grain in storage, where the farmer himself determines the moment of sale
  • Inclusion in the pool (during the harvest year) and advance sale

Contract work

We also receive grains and seeds from third parties, for example from Van Iperen. We offer these clients a wide range of services, ranging from drying, cleaning, disinfecting and processing to bagging, storage and transshipment.


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