Specialist in legumes

Termont & Thomaes BV is a specialist in legumes. Locally, this translates into the purchase, drying and color sorting of kidney beans and field peas. We have optimized this entire process in such a way that we deliver an excellent quality product at the highest possible price. In addition to focusing on locally grown legumes, we are excellent at cleaning, processing, the storage and transshipment of legumes grown elsewhere, such as in Canada, the United States, China, Argentina and Ethiopia. We also process organically grown legumes. We hold the Skal quality label for this.

Interest in other crops

We have historically been interested in the local cultivation of vegetable products. We have already conducted various cultivation experiments with this and are open to growing other legumes, such as red beans or pinto beans. This allows us to offer local farmers an attractive alternative and fulfil the growing need for vegetable products that are grown close to home.



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